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Bio-Medical Waste Management Consultancy

Bio-Medical Waste Management ConsultancyDefinition of Bio-Medical Waste:
Any waste generated in the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of human beings or animals, in research pertaining there to or in the biological tests. It is the waste generated by the health care establishments, research facilities and laboratories.

In recent years, a wider variety of potentially hazardous ingredients including antibiotics, cytotoxic drugs, corrosive chemicals, and radioactive substances have become a part of the hospital waste.

Generation, Segregation, Collection, Transportation and Ultimate disposal of medical waste is essential for the health and well being of patients, hospital staff, community and environment.

Hospital waste management is an area, which has come to the limelight recently as a result of the notification of the bio medical waste (management in handling) rules 1998. This fulfills a long felt need of hospital administrators, nursing administrators, hospital engineers, sanitation supervisors, laboratory personnel and student of hospital and health administration.

  • Audit of the Bio-Medical waste management of the facility based on Govt. Standards
  • Training to the staff for safe BMW practices and compliance
  • Setting up of the complete bio-medical waste management system
  • Solutions forĀ economical and effective management of BMW



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